By Rolando

How to say this: I have been raised on Cupuacu: all the way back i can remember, the cupuacu fruit has been a solid part of our family diet back in Brazil. My grandmother used to give us Cupuacu juice for everything and anything. When I arrived in the US 15 years ago, it was impossible to fing Cupuacu powder, juice or supplements anywhere. You can imagine my joy when I found the Cupuacu 1000mg supplements and have my children and american wife privileged to use Cupuacu... for everything and anything !!

By katya sterling 
The capsules are easy to take and I simply love this product. If you like, you can open the capsules and pour it into your favorite drink. I noticed that this product softens you from the inside out! I have extremely dry skin and when I do not apply moisturizer after showering, I pay dearly with uncontrollable itching. After using this product for about two weeks, I noticed that I went a week without moisturizing and I did not suffer from the dreadful itchiness. It is a miracle. My skin has a softness about it and this did not come from anything I did externally.

By Michael Carmine Romano
You will be excited, Works as suggested!! In Trying to see what will give me the biggest bump in auto immune and cleansing as the variety of products to choose from grows as we rediscover the natural kingdom. You will love it.

By Steph
Can remember to use it! But good price and would encourage any body to purchase it! But do the research first!

By happy shopper
Dr. Oz, the TV personality doctor, suggested this product for people with low energy. This is a great product and it works to give your some pepp-in-your-step.

By Regina

I cannot emphasize enough what Cupuacu has done for my health: the overall health benefits of pure Cupuacu have really worked for me inside out!!

By Eddy

I was introduced to Cupuacu fruit by my mother in law. My cholesterol was through the roof. Now not only it is regulated, but i've been told I look 10yrs younger... can you believe it!!

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